Homeopathic Clinic Lipa

A holistic approach to your health.

Why Lipa?

Lipa (the Slavic name for Linden tree, also Tilia) is highly symbolic to my clinic. Its flowers are used in herbology/homeopathy as a sedative and as a remedy for fever, infections, cough, and other health issues. Lipa tree has been regarded through time as a symbol of love (because of its heart-shaped leaves) and community spirit among the Slavic people. The aspect that resonates with my practice the most is the belief that the tree would help unearth the truth that lies beneath.

My Services

In-depth consultation for chronic and acute conditions in adults and children.

Phone consultations for acute / emergency situations.

House calls for patients who are unable to reach my clinic.

Homeopathic Consultations For

  • Effects of injuries
  • Colds, influenza, infections
  • Adult health
  • Children’s health
  • Chronic conditions

Patient Testimonials

Jana has treated my cat, Joey Wallace. Joey had developed a heart murmur and related issues. It's amazing how fast and effective homeopathy is for animals. After treatment, Joey Wallace has improved almost overnight. He went from being lethargic and overweight to his normal self - full of energy - in no time. And the cost was so minimal compared to what the care would have been with the veterinarian who saw no solution for him.
My experience with homeopathy and Jana as my practitioner has been very positive and life-changing. I am on a beautiful spiritual journey of self-discovery and understand the body-mind-spirit connection. Every consultation and every remedy propels me into a higher level of understanding for my life purpose. I am grateful for having Jana in my life as I go through all the tests and challenges that life offers sometimes since we are "spiritual beings having a human experience". The remedy that she offers always works wonders to help me get to the next chapter of my life.
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