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Why Lipa?

Lipa (the Slavic name for Linden tree, also Tilia) is highly symbolic to my clinic. Its flowers are used in herbology/homeopathy as a sedative and as a remedy for fever, infections, cough, and other health issues. Lipa tree has been regarded through time as a symbol of love (because of its heart-shaped leaves) and community spirit among the Slavic people. The aspect that resonates with my practice the most is the belief that the tree would help unearth the truth that lies beneath.

My Services

In-depth consultation for chronic and acute conditions in adults and children.

Phone consultations for acute / emergency situations.

House calls for patients who are unable to reach my clinic.

Homeopathic Consultations For

  • Effects of injuries
  • Colds, influenza, infections
  • Adult health
  • Children’s health
  • Chronic conditions

Patient Testimonials

"I was introduced to a homeopathy ten years ago after I unsuccesfully tried many different approaches (mostly medical) to resolve a problem due to a hormonal unbalance. My first treatment was a success and resolved -within only a few weeks - many problems and symptoms that I have been suffering from for the past few years. As I felt better and got back my energy and strength, I was pleasantly surprised and convinced in the efficiency of homeopathy. My life took a new direction and I was able to change the stagnant and unhealthy energy and realtionships that have been affecting my health for the past few years. Since then, I have been treating my whole family (husband and my three children) with homeopathy and recomend it to my friends and students (I am a yoga teacher). As a yoga teacher, I seek to help and heal myself with natural, non invasive and efficient methods. Homeopathy is one of them. Jana has been helping me with her expert knowledge and softness over all these years and I am very grateful for her intuition and guidance."
My 6-year-old daughter developed Post Strep Reactive Arthritis after suffering from numerous strep infections. She was trapped in absolute agony as the inflammation migrated its way around her joints while we struggled to maintain an effective level of ibuprofen to stave off her flare-ups. In addition to her physical symptoms, she became totally fearful, nearly petrified, during the day, with her nights full of terror, entirely unlike her as an active, outgoing and rational child. We were referred to Jana and after receiving treatment my daughter made remarkable improvement: overnight her fearfulness and terror evaporated, her body very soon healed, and since then she has been stronger, healthier and more her self than ever, with not one strep infection since. Jana's knowledge, insight, compassion, and patience are unparalleled and we could never thank her enough. Truly a life and eye-opening experience.
Amy B., London
Post Strep Reactive Arthritis

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